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 Cannock Workshop 


Equipment for this workshop

What to bring:

  • Your camera, fully charged battery and spare batteries if you have them.

  • Battery Charger if attending more than one day

  • Additional memory card(s) in case required

  • Remote Release Cable to take shots without touching the camera.

  • Any lenses are suitable - zooms, wide-angle and macro

  • Tripod (essential) 

  • Sensible footwear – it can sometimes be muddy, wet and sticky underfoot so walking boots or trainers with good grip 

  • A large sandwich bag and an elastic band to wrap around your camera and lens if we have light rain

  • A kneeling mat or dustbin liner to put on the ground if you want to kneel or crouch down for ground-level shots

  • Water, snacks or whatever you need for the event duration

  • Raincoats or equivalent – we might catch a shower!

  • Notebook/Paper and pen for note-taking in throughout the workshop

  • Laptops are not required though you may wish to bring one if you feel you want to download and review your shots after each day


7AM Start 
Brocton, Rugeley WS15 2UA

cannock jan 23 (80)-Edit-2.jpg

Your Guides 


Martin - MH Photography
Landscape Photographer with a fantastic eye for that woodland image

Steve Stain - Stain Photography
Landscape Photographer - Good all rounder 

Simon Harvey Photography
Landscape Photographer - God of Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase, located in Staffordshire, England, is indeed a fantastic place for landscape and woodland photography. It offers a diverse range of natural landscapes and features that make it a popular destination for photographers. Here are some of the photography opportunities you can find in Cannock Chase:

  1. Woodland Scenes: The chase is home to a mix of broadleaf and coniferous woodlands. These woodlands provide a beautiful backdrop with changing colors throughout the seasons. Autumn, in particular, is a great time to capture the vibrant foliage.

  2. Wildlife Photography: Cannock Chase is known for its diverse wildlife, including deer, birds, and various smaller creatures. Wildlife photographers will find plenty of opportunities to capture animals in their natural habitat.

  3. Lakes and Ponds: The area features several lakes and ponds, such as the popular Chasewater Reservoir. These water bodies offer great reflections, especially during calm days or at sunrise/sunset.

  4. Heathland: The heathland areas in Cannock Chase are unique and offer a different landscape compared to the woodlands. The purple heather blooms in late summer, making for stunning photographs.

  5. Sunrise and Sunset: Like any natural landscape, Cannock Chase provides excellent opportunities for sunrise and sunset photography. The changing light during these times can create dramatic and captivating images.

  6. Trails and Paths: There are many well-marked trails and paths throughout Cannock Chase, making it easy to explore and find interesting compositions.

  7. Seasonal Variation: Each season brings its own charm to the chase. Whether it's the fresh green leaves of spring, the vibrant colors of autumn, or the serene snowscapes of winter, you'll find something captivating to photograph year-round.

  8. Astrophotography: Due to its relatively low light pollution compared to urban areas, Cannock Chase can also be an excellent location for astrophotography. On clear nights, you can capture stunning shots of the night sky, including stars, the Milky Way, and even meteor showers.

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