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A good start, NOT

lake Vyrnwy is the location and the first challenge is finding Collin. He set off the night before but with no signal, it was just a matter of search and rescue and getting him to put the kettle on. It was a hard drive, with flooded roads, cars abandoned, and road closures. Martin also pulled out at the last minute as his border collie had taken poorly in the night. This also brought back emotions and memories of Cooper.

Was it going to be one of those days?

I arrived and found Colin within seconds and the kettle was on. things were looking up. after a short debate, we headed up towards the Hotel that looks over the lake. this must have great views surely, well we were right, BUT we needed to access their land to get the best composition. Colin the cheeky bugger strolled into reception and asked if we could shoot from their land. "yes sure you can, you cheeky bugger" said the receptionist.

The spot was ours, all we needed was light, but after the bad start I asked myself, is this going to continue?

I'll let you be the judge

In memory of all Border Collies, friends forever.

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Reading this brought a tear to my eye mate, but so glad you were able to get out there despite everything thrown against you that morning, looks like you got some beautiful images. If there is a heaven, I'd like to think Cooper and Benjy are running around together along with other Border Collies no longer with us. Looking down and longing to be out with us on our adventures.

Replying to

I hope they are, 😪 what a beautiful thought ❤️

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