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Snowdonia Workshop


Equipment for this workshop

What to bring:

  • Your camera, fully charged battery and spare batteries if you have them.

  • Battery Charger if attending more than one day

  • Additional memory card(s) in case required

  • Remote Release Cable to take shots without touching the camera.

  • Any lenses are suitable - zooms, wide-angle and macro

  • Tripod (essential) 

  • Sensible footwear – it can sometimes be muddy, wet and sticky underfoot so walking boots or trainers with good grip 

  • A large sandwich bag and an elastic band to wrap around your camera and lens if we have light rain

  • A kneeling mat or dustbin liner to put on the ground if you want to kneel or crouch down for ground-level shots

  • Water, snacks or whatever you need for the event duration

  • Raincoats or equivalent – we might catch a shower!

  • Notebook/Paper and pen for note-taking in throughout the workshop

  • Laptops are not required though you may wish to bring one if you feel you want to download and review your shots after each day

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Ogwen valley

Your Guides 


Martin - MH Photography
Landscape Photographer with a fantastic eye for that woodland image

I'm a landscape photographer based in the Midlands. I first got in to landscape photography back in 2017 when I bought my first (what I considered to be) "serious" camera, with no clue how to use it and what I wanted to take photos of, but with my love of the outdoors over time I grew to find myself taking more and more landscape photos. Over time I've grown to especially love photographing woodlands, nothing quite beats that sense of peace early in the morning, birds tweeting and occasionally (if very lucky) some beautiful atmospheric conditions. Moments that I just love to capture on my camera.

Steve Stain - Stain Photography
Landscape Photographer - Good all rounder 

My photography journey started around ten years ago. 
I was lucky enough to have a camera brought me for Christmas (canon 550d) many years ago and it changed my life. 
I have such a passion for getting out in the landscape and capturing the moment. After a year or so of getting up early for that sunrise, I came up with the idea of wild camping to be on location at that perfect moment. The experience of a wild camp is fantastic. To watch a sunrise or sunset from halfway up a mountain is something extraordinary. From then I was fortunate to purchase a van which I converted into a camper. This was a game-changer, then…
2020 - covid, changed my photography for the better. 
As a photographer, we all were forced to stop locally. Living in the midlands, epic landscapes were not an option, but I decided to take my dog and best friend Cooper on some local walks, always with the camera on my back.
I soon realized that there were a lot of opportunities to shoot locally. I was drawn into my local woodland where I found a new passion for woodland photography. Woodland photography is such a challenge, but I love a challenge. 
I’ve learned over the years that get out and shoot no matter the subject.

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