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A year on

February 2023, a decision was made for a day out in the Peak District, shooting sunrise to sunset.

One place that sprung to mind was the Roaches. This area should, would, and did fulfill our needs. With gold arches on the way, our bellies full of sausage and egg McMuffin, with extra hash browns, we were set for a day of Landscape photography.

It was cold, wet, and moody, but the McMuffin still went down a dream. We (myself and Martin) arrived wondering if it was worth getting out of the Camper as it looked grim out there, to say the least.

We plucked up some courage and off we went. the more we walked, the more we realized that it was the right decision. The sun was starting to rise coming through the low clouds and murk creating beautiful light. I decided to scramble up to the ridge hoping for so nice side light, but would I make it in time, just!

Having filled our boots, headed back down for a rest and recoup. Another plan hatched, let's shoot Roach end barn. This is a barn at the end of the roaches.

By this time the light had gone and it was overcast, Grim...

Martin placed his tripod down in the perfect spot to capture this beautiful old building. I had to do the unthinkable, I have no shame, I put my tripod in the exact same holes and got the shot.

The time was flying by and I was beaten. Would I have the energy to shoot a sunset back up on the ridge of the roaches? Am I going to starve up there? will MacDonalds be open on the way home? All these factors were taken into account.

"Let's give it a go" I screamed. Martin soon woke up spilling tea all over his face hair.

Arriving at the top, the rain started, showers pulsating through the valley. Lone heavy showers and it was an hour before sunset.

I was so cold and wet, I didn't know if I was going to last to the end.

Pushing through the pain, not being able to feel my fingers, Hunger and my hair was a right mess, i soldiered on. It was like a SAS training day and we passed.

Myself and Martin was treated to some of the most beautful and dramatic sunsets we had ever seen. All that suffering was worth it.

If you would like to experiance (suffer) a day out at the Roaches or other arears of the Peak District then please Message me for a 1-2-1 or group session.


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