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After the feast

Its now around 1pm and our bellies are full, for now. We still have cake to look forward to.

As we headed back down to the beach for some more long exposure photography, it was clear it was a lot, lot longer walk than anticipated. Maybe the amount of food was blurring our judgment.

Jumping many groins when realizing we could have walked around was another misjudgment, it had to be the food. I hoped this wasn't going to affect the photography. With both bellies crossed I managed to unfold, what seemed a massive tripod, and this was only the vlogging one.

One of my bellies started to rumble, and the wind got up... Was it me, Martin screamed "Yes it bloody his". "sorry I replied", (cheeky grin).

This could be a day to remember but for all the wrong reasons.

Separation was the key I believe and not just to the compositions, my belt was so tight.

As the food digested the images started to flow. I was like a sniper, getting the post on the crosshairs using the rule of thirds. I was looking forward to returning, not to edit my images but to devour this giant wedge of cake.

The moral of this story is, Eat Right Shoot Long.

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