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Its Christmas eve, eve and planed to head out with my camera, but first needed to visit my Mum. The card was written and off I went. I pulled up at the gate, the sun began to rise, it was beautiful, perfect timing.

As I Walked across the muddy grass I had the feeling of being alone as I always do when walking the manicured turf. the brick wall surrounding the area, the water tap to my right, and the grand building on my left.

I handed my Christmas card over to my mum, she loved Christmas. a religious woman, an Angel, the best.

Knowing that the card would never be opened. Mum knows what it says, Merry Christmas and I love you, Steve.

I say my goodbyes again, and head to my destination, not remembering the journey even though it's not that far. Just far enough to reflect, thinking about the card I had sent and that it would never be opened.

I grab my bag, forcing myself to enter the woods. It was busy with dog walkers which I was not used to, but somehow was alone, different to everyone else, to me at least.

Sometimes I feel alone, in the dark, buckled and bent, everyone else standing tall reaching for the light, strong when I'm not, but if I stand back, I realize I'm not alone, the light will come around and I will stand tall again. The woods can be a dark place but you don't need to walk far to find the light.

Photography brings out what and how you are feeling, in that moment. Capture it...

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