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F7.1 get together - Mission Impossible

Why the hell did we arrange to meet up on one of the longest days of the year to shoot sunsets and sunrises, but we did...

3 days in a 6-berth caravan

7 so-called photographers

1000 camera batteries

2 USB sockets

500 sausages

300 slices of bacon

4 batches, NOT barn cakes, baps, or rolls, BATCHES!!!

1 apple

0 washing up liquid

no tea towel

1 toilet that got blocked for some strange reason.

1 toilet roll ( from ALDI )

God Help The Cleaners

This very well-planned operation captured the best that the Northeast Coast of England had to offer.

All we needed to do was to eat as many sausages as possible, but not go to the toilet, Not wash up, don't charge any batteries, and have as little sleep as humanly possible, but be fully in control of our cameras.

I forgot to mention the snoring, OMG the snoring...

This was like an SAS (Shoot A Sony) training exercise, But would we deliver the goods?

Let me know if Mission Impossible was a success or not.

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