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Fail to prepare...

One thing I've learned on my Photography journey is to make the effort to get up early enough to get to a location before it all kicks off and be prepared.

Today I didn't do that and because of my actions, one thing after another went wrong.

I left home as the sun was rising, but my location was a 40-minute drive away.

I arrived at the location not knowing where to go or what to expect.

I wanted to video the morning but I'd forgotten to put my SD card back in the vlogging camera.

In a rush I slapped on my filters, not knowing a big smear down the middle of the glass.

By this time the low-lying fog had been burnt off revealing a bright blue sky.

Was I going to get the images that I wanted?

All these problems I overcame but at what cost...

In the end, I did manage to capture one or two images that I was happy with, but I will need to revisit this location to get the most out of it.

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