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Get your Photography on course

Shooting locally can be such an advantage if you know where to go.

On this cold, frosty, patchy fog-type morning, even though i was out the night before on the shandy dash, I knew I must go out. It's my favorite condition.

Painkillers swallowed, off I went but couldn't decide on a local location.

The weather was guiding me, as the fog was rolling in and out.

I stopped at the side of the road next to a golf course. the light was amazing.

I could see a gap in the hedgerow, this was my location, a golf course.

By this time the tablets were starting to take effect and I was focusing on my photography rather than a bacon sandwich, pepper, and lashings of brown sauce, mmmmm Bacon.

The tripod was unfolded and the camera was soon in its slot. i locked on my target and began to shoot. Having spent about half an hour in this one spot i thought my day was done, Bacon.

Deciding to fly the drone to capture a last image, it became clear that my day wasn't done. Bacon will have to wait.

From the air, I could see multiple compositions.

What I didn't realize is that this was only the beginning of a fantastic day out on the course, the second course will just have to wait, and I love Bacon, with brown sauce (NOT RED).

Hope you enjoy the shots

Prints for sale on request

The video is scheduled for release on the 10th of March at 08:00 pm or if you can't wait, join my member's area on YouTube.

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