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I couldn't continue F7.1

As I arrived at Padley Gorge, the forest greeted me with a symphony of rustling leaves and the soothing melody of a nearby stream. The woodland was alive with lush greens, and every corner seemed like a perfect frame waiting to be captured. I couldn't have asked for a more idyllic setting for my photography escapade.

I wandered along the winding trails, exploring the moss-covered rocks, babbling brooks, and towering trees that seemed to reach for the sky. Each step revealed a new perspective, a new opportunity to capture the magic of nature. With each click of my camera, I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy.

However, as the time passed, I began to notice a growing unease within me. A sudden fatigue washed over me, and I realized that my body was not cooperating as it should. My initial excitement started to wane as aches and chills overtook me. I tried to push through, thinking it was just a momentary discomfort, but it only worsened.

With a heavy heart, I acknowledged that I couldn't continue. My health was deteriorating rapidly, and it was clear that I had fallen ill. Reluctantly, I began the slow journey back to my camper

, leaving behind the captivating beauty of Padley Gorge that I had so eagerly sought to capture.

The drive home was arduous, my energy sapped, and my vision blurred by the sickness that had taken hold of me. My photography gear, once a source of inspiration, now lay dormant in the passenger seat, a poignant reminder of my unfulfilled aspirations for the day.

Upon returning home, I immediately sought rest and medical attention.

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