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I was hungry

After photographing this beautiful part of the the coast, I think the sea air had got to me. Let's just say I was hungry. Martin soon got out his phone and searched for the nearest establishment. It was a 5 minute drive and at the other end of the beach. I almost ran back to the van, I was hungry. Throwing my gear in the van, wheels spinning on the slippy paving we set off. We navigated the narrow roads, van swaying from left to right, I was hungry.

It seamed an age, when looking back it's was about 3 minutes, we had arrived. Handbrake was pulled on and the van came to an abrupt stop. While Martin undone his seatbelt after the rally session, I was already in the cafe, I was hungry.

We was greeted with a smile and a vast array of cake, this looked promising. By this stage, I'm sure I was dribbling, but thinking about it, I was hungry.

We sat down and was asked, are you ready to, YES, I shouted quietly. We both chose burger and chips, but in my mind was it the right choice, would I have enough volume of chips. Was the burger big enough, and will I get salad?

What seemed like forever we waited, and waited, and waited.

I started to chow my nails, not because of the inpatience but, I was hungry.

"Would you like a drink first", my mind said no, but my mouth said, "yes please a cup of tea would be nice".

The waitress strolled over from the far side of the room, holding something in her hands, what could it be. She was almost shielding from us. What was it. She gets close and to my surprise she had brought over an new woolly hat, then I realised it was a tea cosy.

At this point I was running out of nails, what could I chew next, I thought, Martin show me your hands. I was hungry.

Then as the sun shone through the pain glass window and the god like music started to play (in my mind) the waitress returned. I could see her properly because of the bright light. Is this the moment, is this what I've been waiting for, tic toc, tic, toc. Time seemed to stop or even rewind.

I see two plates, two burgers, two chips, two salads, then I thought, didn't Martin order anything.

The moment had arrived, I was in heaven, (Smallsticks Cafe, Cart Gap Happisburgh).

It was a moment in my photography life that I will never forget, saying that, I WAS HUNGRY.

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