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If you follow me on my photography journey you will know that I also have a YouTube channel and am now involved in two podcasts. One is part of the F7.1 team which is a group of like-minded Photographers chatting and having a laugh at each other's expense.

The other (Landscape Lenscast Podcast) is a more in-depth look at photography, interviewing photographers from all around the world.

We have been so lucky to interview many great Photographers, one of which was Shona Perking. Based in Scotland near the cost, Shona has made a success out of her Photography, predominantly Seascape IMC.

This Has inspired me to give it a go. With this in mind, I went into my local woodland just to see if it would work in this environment.

Let me know what your thoughts are on ICM and if would you give it a go. I know its not for everyone but I enjoyed the

artistic side of it and will do more in the future.

Prints available on request

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