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My first

This was the place where my Photography Started and also my YouTube.

The memories and the connection with locations can sometimes be overwhelming.

This place for me is one of those places.

I get very mixed emotions, from pure happiness to more dark and sad thoughts.

Memories are many and are gradually fading as time passes, but new ones are to be made, some memories etch within and will live with me forever.

Friendships are made, a bond from the heart, a feeling, an emotion from within.

Photography and videography retain the fading memories and spark thoughts and feelings that can be viewed by many by shared with a few.

As i enter the park, feelings flow through me. my first battle is the steep hill in front of me. A metaphorical and physical hill, knowing that when reaching the top the view is clear and the path down is gentle and meandering.

The journey continues...

Video out soon Steve Stain Photography - YouTube subscribe NOW

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