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Once in a lifetime

Updated: 7 days ago

It's Friday 10th April 2024 and I'm getting ready for a weekend at the Derbyshire Dubs festival located in the Derby Dales. There's lots of chat on social media the there is going to be an Aurora visible all over the UK. At the last minute, I grab my camera and two lenses just in case.

The problem I had was not that it might happen but would I be sober enough.

The camper was all set up and was now time for my first beer. The sun was out and the cans kept coming. In the back of my mind, i knew this wasn't the right thing to do if I wanted to capture this event.

Beer after beer, can after can and still feeling good. Darkness fell and so camera and tripod in hand I walked to the north end of the field that we were camping in.

Around 11 o'clock I could just make out a green/grey glow just off to the North East.

Was this it would it just fad away?

The camera set to continues shoot i left it running for about 5 minutes, i could wait any longer, I just needed to know have I captured the North Lights.

Yes, yes, yes I had the i could see the night sky lighting up, beams of light traveling from northeast to southwest.

To this day I still can't believe what I witnessed on the 10th May 2024

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