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Thumbs up Photography Meet-up

This didn't start well...

After months without the camper, today was the day it would be finally back on the road after major surgery.

We set off and it was driving like a dream, only to get 100 miles in and things weren't right.

We had to turn back, GUTTED.

By this time we were now over four hours late and had nowhere to stop for the weekend.

" I have a cunning plan," says Boldrick (Martin). Within seconds the plan was in action and we were on our way back down to the beautiful south Devon coast for some seascape Photography with the Thumbs up crew.

Arriving at our hotel was a relief and the excitement kicked back in, we soon found a Wetherspoons for a light evening meal consisting of a large portion of chips, a small 12' pizza, with extra toppings, and three beers to rehydrate.

The next morning, with a bounce in our step we headed off to meet the rest of the guys.

Being good friends, they never once mentioned the camper breaking down, NOT ONCE...

Ayrmer Cove was the destination and it was my first visit. Let's say i was excited.

I slowly made my way down the descending path, I ran, and yes even with my knees of cheese, I ran.

Colin arranged the meet-up as he had been to this location many a time. He asked me what I thought of the place. "what do you think of the place" he said waiting with anticipation for the answer. In my mind it was a WOW, "it's okay", I said.

Well, the rest was a laugh from start to finish, and here's the results.

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