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About me

My photography journey started around ten years ago.

I was lucky enough to have a camera brought me for Christmas (canon 550d) many years ago and it changed my life.

I have such a passion for getting out in the landscape and capturing the moment. After a year or so of getting up early for that sunrise, I came up with the idea of wild camping to be on location at that perfect moment. The experience of a wild camp is fantastic. To watch a sunrise or sunset from halfway up a mountain is something extraordinary. From then I was fortunate to purchase a van which i converted into a camper. This was a game-changer, then…

2020 - covid, changed my photography for the better.

As a photographer, we all were forced to stop locally. Living in the midlands, epic landscapes were not an option, but I decided to take my dog and best friend Cooper on some local walks, always with the camera on my back.

I soon realized that there were a lot of opportunities to shoot locally. I was drawn into my local woodland where I found a new passion for woodland photography. Woodland photography is such a challenge, but I love a challenge.

What I’ve learned over the years is, to get out and shoot no matter what the subject is.

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