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Cannock Chase meets the Pub-cast

Well, one of them!

Having had a busy week with 1-2-1 workshops in the Chase, Saturday was my day of rest.

What can I do, where should I go? Then, a moment of genius, Cannock Chase. Great idea...

In all fairness it was arranged a while ago, but never the less a great idea.

I had the pleasure of meeting a great Photographer known to many of you, a legend in his field. A passionate and outspoken man, but also kind and considerate, yes the one and only Martin (Smithy) and Colin, all part of the 7.1 Group. oh and someone called Gary Norman tagged along, a geezer who presents some dodgy Pubcast, Photography podcast thing.

We, the 7.1 crew arrived early, anticipating a big welcome handshake, a man-hug, and maybe leftover MacDonalds from this well-known figure (superstar) in the YouTube world and beyond. all our phones ping, who could it be? It's Gary we all shouted out with glee.

I'll be there at 6 the message said, message sent 06:02!

"I don't think he's going to make it" said Colin. We all agreed he wasn't going to get to the location that was arranged months and months ago on time. Not only that there are no MacDonalds leftovers, leftover...

Could we forgive him? Should we forgive him? well, if we see him, forgive him.

Them, in the distance, through the vape mist, walking in slow-mo, the man himself, Gary Norman appeared through the Rasbury-flavored fog, with a hint of lime.

With a nod of the head, we all set off for a great day out Photographing in the beautiful Cannock...

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