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Dorset Part One - The Journey

With the long days and short nights, it's hard to shoot sunrises and sunsets, well that's the plan but, add to the equation is a three-and-a-half-hour road trip.

Start location, the midlands, destination, side of the road, down south.

heading off at 8 pm our ETA was 11:30. the journey was full of excitement and tired eyes.

The welcome party was Colin and Paul, well Colin, Paul was fast asleep, bless him.

A lot of people must have recognized the van because they were tooting their horns all night, I say all night, the three hours we slept, more of a power nap TBH.

3 am ALARM!!!

We woke up with a spring in our steps, (no we didn't) and headed down to the car park ready for the long hike to the cliff edge (20 mins).

Harry was a sight to see and the sun was already casting its colours or pinks, oranges, and reds with still 3/4 of an hour before the sun would cast its glow on Old Harry.

Was it worth it? I ask myself, well I'll let you decide...

Video out June 30th

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