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Its happened, the weather in the UK has been somewhat, lets say WET...

But change is afoot, cold calm conditions are on their way. FOG is on its way, OMG its about time.

Plan A, get out, plan B, Get out, Plan C, get out. Good plan I think.

But where? I ask myself.

The first location, let's go local for some woodland Photography.

Myself and Martin set out, not too early as the location is only an hour away, but there is one thing we must do first, visit the golden arches. Two very large Double, yes Double sausage and egg mc muffins please, "with extra hash browns Steve, Martin," said the young lady in the baseball cap. "yes please" we both replied in sync.

Eating while I was driving due to the fact I was so excited to arrive at the location, this got a little messy. Good job I have a big belly to capture the bits of egg, waste not, want not.

With fog on the cards, things weren't looking good at all. Not a fog patch in sight.

THEN we approached the first tree within Cannock Chase and BOOM... FOG, FOG, FOG.

Well, the rest of the morning just fell into place. Perfect conditions to capture some gnarly old oaks.

With our Bellies Half full and the SD cards full, I couldn't wait to get home and start editing. Finally, we had a good day out with the camera.

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