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Happy Place

Myself and Martin was up at 4am, super pumped for my day out at Happisburgh. I got my camera and tripod ready to roll. all stoked about capturing the Tide Bell – this amazing structure that's got me all excited.

As the tides ebb and flow, I'm there with my camera, playing around with long exposures. You know, making the most of that slow shutter speed to catch the tide bell in different lights. It's like this magical dance between the bell and the changing tides.

I'm all in, trying different angles, messing with settings, and losing track of time. The waves crashing, it's a full-on experience. By the end of the day, I've got these dreamy shots that capture the beauty of that spot.

The tide bell's surrounded by the ever-changing tides, and I'm soaking it all in. The slow shutter speed gives this surreal vibe, making the bell pop against the backdrop of the sea.

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