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Its been a long time coming

We, That's me and Smithy (Martin) have been waiting for water to surrounded these so called Trees in the Water, and at long last it finally happened.

For me it was a day of disasters and jubilation.

My fingers froze, my vlogging camera lens failed (again), the McDonalds on the way was below par and my long lens fogged up on the inside. I was hoping for fog behind the trees but not behind the glass.

Even though it was eventful, i loved every second, minus the McDonald's.

The location is a must visit for Landscape Photographers and Hikers. Situated in the south of Snowdonia ERYRI with mountain flanking three sides and then a view to die for, and probably will after eating you know what.

If you would like a 1-2-1 or group workshop in this area the please fell fee to email me


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