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Midday Photography

In the heart of England's Peak District, where the landscape exudes a timeless charm, I embarked on a midday photography meander through Lawrencefield Woodland. The day was alive with the hues of autumn, and my mission was to capture the vivid tapestry of nature's transition and the relics of history left scattered through the woods.

My first subject was the old millstones, weathered and moss-covered, remnants of a time when the valley echoed with the rhythmic thud of industry. They lay among the undergrowth, nestled in the embrace of nature. I began by focusing on the intricate details etched by time, their rough textures contrasting with the smoothness of the leaves surrounding them.

The woodland seemed to whisper stories of generations past, and I sought to capture these whispers through my lens. I positioned myself at various angles, capturing the millstones from above, below, and at eye level. Each frame revealed a different facet of their history, a history that had seeped into the very essence of the forest.

My meander through Lawrencefield Woodland allowed me to immerse myself in the beauty of nature's transition and connect with the history that lay hidden in plain sight. The old millstones, weathered and forgotten, found a new life through my lens, and the forest revealed its secrets through the vibrant colours and quiet whispers of the past. It was a midday adventure of serenity, history, and the ever-changing artistry of the natural world, all captured in the frame of my camera, etching a memory that would remain vivid long after the autumn leaves had fallen.

Video out Sunday 08:00

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