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one 2 one workshop experience

on a one-on-one workshop experience with Steve Stain Photography was really a enjoyable day, I have followed Steve for some time now on YouTube, and he has always inspired me to get out more with my camera, So I decided to take the opportunity to meet for a workshop, We got a before sun upstart to the day, There was an orange glow the sky, It was looking very promising, Steve set up the first composition, we

waited for some time didn't, get the spectacular sky we were hoping for, but still made a very pleasing first shot of the day, Throughout the day the light stayed perfect for woodland photography with some really great image

s, many thanks to Steve for passing on his

knowledge, tips, and techniques, I really used to struggle with setting up a composition, especially in woodlands, It just seems to come second nature for steve,

I think my photography will definitely improve from now on thanks to Steve, I really appreciate it mate, For any photographer out there who feels they need to improve their skills, I recommend a day with Steve stain.

again many thanks, Steve.

images of the day by Martin Priest

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