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After posting my latest video photographing the Lake District, I felt I needed to share some of your fantastic comments and thank you all for watching.


What a beautiful collection of images. To me this is what landscape photography is about. Capturing the beauty of the landscape with both original compositions and and use of the conditions. I’ve been falling out of favour with landscape photography of late as endless images of the same locations and even compositions bombarding social media has become mind numbing. But this one video has revitalised my passion to get back out there in the landscape and image. How you manage to vlog and image in these conditions is amazing. Thanks for a great start to a rainy Sunday morning



Hi Steve, I don't comment on many videos, but this was just fantastic. The conditions, the locations, the music selected and the way you put the video together. Photography is more than just pointing a camera, It's an emotion ride and this certainly shows what we all feel in conditions like this. Keep up the good work and you have a new subscriber. Robert.


Impossible to pick a favourite from such a stunning collection of images. Most of us go out and hope to capture a portfolio image every few captured probably 4 or 5 that morning. I've seen many images from that location and I'd say they are without doubt the best I've seen and I'm including Nigel Danson's images. It makes it worthwhile getting up and out to visit these places. If I had to pick my favourite I'd probably go for the one around 6 mins in but as I said not a lot between them



22 hours ago

Great one Steve, fantastic one dribbler after another. Condition wise, you couldn't ask for more, well you could but that would be being greedy 🤣. Love the scenes with the ducks, they give it just that little bit more to the images. Defiantly hit the jack pot there mate, well worth the visit. Thanks for sharing mate.


21 hours ago

Wow wow wow absoloutly spectacular Steve..

the images are amazing, I think these are you most superb yet . 👏👏👏👌😍

Thanks again

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