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The key to my Photography

I was heading back to the place I love, North Wales for some Van Life, and Photography, and a Workshop the next day with a client.

If possible I try and have a day to scout out new locations and visit some of my favourites.

There's one hill/mountain I like to climb that offers 360 views of the rugged Welsh landscape. with my camera bag ready, and walking boots on, off I went, turning to check that the Camper was locked, cluck, cluck, it was.

Now, the walk is about an hour following a small stream up the flank of the mountain with beautiful cascades descending from the Llyn above. I stopped for about 40 minutes to capture the movement in the water and working on my composition, also giving me a breather.

The climb is not far in distance but makes up for it by being very tricky underfoot with long grasses and marshland areas.

I reached the summit and chilled for a while before looking for that killer shot...

Each shot was time-consuming and the rest was a welcome one, or two, or three.

I was happy with the shots I captured so it was time to head back to the Camper for a well-earned cup of Yorkshire tea, NO SUGAR, and maybe a snack or two, or three.

It's just as hard walking down but the momentum of my stream-like body seemed to help me down with ease.

The Camper was getting closer and closer. I needed a rest. I was shattered, aching all over has Cliff Richards once said.

With only yards to go i felt for my keys, left pocket, then the right, patted my chest pockets, then tried them all again.

Noooooooooooo my keys!

By this time i only had one hour till sunset. what am i to do. There's only one choice but to head back up that bloody mountain and try and find my keys.

This became a race against time, the sun dropping lower and lower. Would i make it to the summit and if so, would i find my keys.

I did and, i did. i could not believe my luck. i walked straight up to them.

With only one thing on my mind, Yorkshire Tea, i descended that mountain like a paraglider hitting the best thermal ever.

I was down at the road site, shattered from the ordeal, mentally and physically.

It seamed to take an age to walk, stumble the last 100 metres. 50 metres, 20 metres 10, 9, 8, 7.

Click went the key fob, clunk went the door locks. the adventure was over.

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