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The power of Processing

At the weekend I had a Meet-up with the Thumbs Up Photography Facebook group, which was on a Saturday morning. Some of us were stopping Sunday which gave us the opportunity to photograph the sunrise at Higger Tor. I had the Kit Kat stone in mind as I've never captured them before. With this in mind, we walked up the small hill, and onto the flat, but muddy ground.

Sunrise was looking promising, I sat behind the rock and waited, and waited, and waited.

I captured the shot without great light, hoping for it to improve, but it just didn't happen.

I moved on to find other compositions. The spot was soon taken up and you know what happened, yes the light improved.

I wasn't too disappointed because I got some decent images anyway, I think.

When looking at the KitKat image on the computer, i wondered if I could make, fake, something of it.

I was surprised and pleased with the outcome, let me know your thoughts.

Talking of KitKat, I'm hungry

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Before and After

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