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The Reward

The search is on for new subjects to capture, subjects within the landscape, but where will I end up?

I am constantly working to find a new location to capture and it's not easy, BUT I may have found the next hidden gem.

I head out early morning with great anticipation and a high level of anxiety. Will I find what I'm looking for, will it be the next honey pot location, will MacDonalds be open? All these can affect the way you approach your destination. Not being in the right frame of mind will inevitably end in failure.

Am I in the right place physically and mentally? Both are as important as each other.

I head out towards the Peak District with one location in mind, the ice cream van, Padley Gorge, But try to resist heading down the gorge, instead crossing the road in the opposite direction.

The weather is good, with fog and very low clouds, this will help me capture what I'm looking for, giving me separation and simplifying the landscape.

I feel good, I'm in the right place...

The Reward

Time spent searching for new and exciting locations doesn't happen in a day, but weeks, months, and even years.

When your investment in time and effort works in your favour the results mean so much more.

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